Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Services (PIVAS) is a centralized location in hospitals for preparations and reconstitutions. It is similar to sterile compounding in the US. When you enter PIVAS, you have to put on different shoes or booties. When entering an anti-room, further gowning is required. There are 3 pharmacists that work in PIVAS and 5-10 technicians. The pharmacists are checking the prescriptions by the doctor. If there is an error in the prescription, the pharmacist will call the doctor to have them fix the prescription. The technicians are usually students who prepare the mixtures.

There are two main sections of PIVAS – the hazardous drugs and then total parental nutrition. Because Peking Medical Union Hospital is one of the best hospitals in China, many patients will come to the hospital during the morning for a round of chemotherapy. Thus, the hazardous/chemotherapy compounding is quite busy. The technicians will often make over 200 preparations/day. One the other side, the TPN is all manually done. The technicians will pick all the components of the TPN and then draw them up into a bag. There is no TPN machine at this hospital. An interesting fact about TPN: patients will be charged for all the components added up (usually around 200-600 rmb), which is about ½ the cost of TPNs in the US (if not more!).

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