Quality Assurance

On Wednesday, we visited the Quality Assurance Pharmacy department. Here, the pharmacy tests many of the traditional/compounded medicines to ensure they meet certain standards. They also test compounded medications for bacterial growth to ensure they are sterile. Another task they are in charge of is making sure purified water remains above standards as well.

We watched one of the pharmacists use an acid-base color changing reaction to test the pH of a compounded cough liquid. She slowly titrated the pH indicator until the liquid turned a red/brown color. She then recorded how my mL it took to achieve that pH; if it was within acceptable standards, she put a stamp on the record form and sent it back to the compounding department. One of her students also showed us how they make nutritional agars to test for bacterial growth. She used the balance similar to the ones we used in pharmaceutics lab. It was very interesting to see a different side of pharmacy and how it can incorporate basic science lab skills.

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