Trip to the Community Pharmacy


Today we went off campus onto a bus to go to a very famous community pharmacy. One of the clinical pharmacist discussed with us that this pharmacy specifically was very famous due to the wide range of traditional medicine that they carried. Once we got to the pharmacy, we were greeted by one of the main pharmacists and given a tour. The main part of the tour was showing us the various famous traditional medications they carried. An entire wall was full of shelves that had many different medications. The pharmacist brought out six different medications and explained each one. One of the ones that was recognizable was dried orange peels that helps with dryness during the winter months. She told us how these need to be properly dried for it to have potency and that they took great pride in their own products. We were also shown the pharmacists office where patients could have private appointments to discuss their needs. Many more medications were along the walls including dried lizards and deer antler that was very popular. I asked why deer antler was so popular and was educated on how it was very healthy for the liver.

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