Acupuncture Clinic

Today we visited the acupuncture clinic where we got to see some patients undergo this special non-pharmacological treatment. A specialized doctor went through the basics of acupuncture showing us the human model displaying 13 lines in the body for puncture points with 365 classic points. The clinic was rather busy with patients sitting in the chairs waiting for a bed. Sessions normally lasted 30 minutes each and costed around 200 RMB. International patients or those wishing to be categorized as international normally pay near 1000 RMB for each session. The reasons we saw of why the patients were there included insomnia, headache, lumbar pain, tinnitus, menstrual cramps, and ear pain. The patients had acupuncture needles inserted into the appropriate areas of their back, head, abdomen, or ears and hooked up to a machine that provided electric stimulation for a set amount of time. These patients genuinely believed in the treatment and were satisfied after the timer went off indicating electric stimulation was over. As they got up from their beds and left, we were very interested in how the procedure’s efficacy provided relief for these patients and their conditions. Acupuncture could possibly provide a better alternative than medication for certain conditions if its efficacy is proved.


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